Favorite store in Milan: Excelsior!

March 10, 2015

Store_Gallery Store_Gallery8 Store_Gallery9Tuesday means favorite store day and this time I want to tell you about my favorite store in Milan!
Excelsior is situated in the centre, so whenever you’re visiting Milan, this shop is my ultimate tip.
On the ground floor they sell a lot of nice gadgets, Iphone cases for example,  and beautiful jewellery. There is a mens floor for the real fashionable man and the other floors are for women who want to dress themselves in something that you can’t buy everywhere.

I don’t allow myself to go there every time when I am in Milan because they have too much things that I love. The last item I bought there is an Isabel Marant skirt that I wore during the first shoot with Joeri.

Do you have a favorite store in Milan? I would love to know!

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